Water Wise Neighborhood Champions

In April 2016, twenty-two neighborhood leaders and their guests came together to become the first Water Wise Neighborhood Champions!

Since then we have collaborated with Greater Treme Consortium to create Water Wise Treme. And we have just kicked off Water Wise 7th Ward with our community partner, Healthy Community Services.

Jump on our Green Infrastructure Tour on April 21, 2018, to take a step closer to becoming a Water Wise Neighborhood Champion! 


What is a Neighborhood Water Wise Champion? Neighborhood leaders are already experts about their communities. A Neighborhood Water Wise Champion is someone who is now considered a “citizen expert” on water management and green infrastructure. When they marry the expertise of their community with newly learned information about green infrastructure,they become a champion for advancing green infrastructure in their neighborhoods in a way that truly serves their communities.

What is the Neighborhood Water Wise Champion Training?  The Water Wise NOLA Neighborhood Champions training is a one-and-a-half-day program to advance participants’ understanding of green infrastructure, to learn about green infrastructure projects around the city through an educational guided tour, and to develop skills and build resources to create their own neighborhood-based green infrastructure projects at a range of scales. Day one is the city-wide chartered bus tour of green infrastructure sites. Day two is a visioning workshop that takes place in a classroom.






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