Water Wise NOLA is a group of water professionals and enthusiasts which share a dedication and commitment to advance Green Infrastructure development in the Greater New Orleans area, as well as strengthen public awareness for water related issues and corresponding green solutions.

Water Wise NOLA promotes simple solutions to the problem of localized flooding.

Water Wise NOLA is organizing workshops for homeowners, neighborhood organizations as well as key professionals for green infrastructure:

Rain Barrel Build Workshops with Recharge NOLA >> for groups or individuals wanting to learn how to build, install and maintain their own rain barrel

Neighborhood Water Wise Workshops >> for individuals who want to make a difference

Neighborhood Partnership Network’s Capacity College >> for neighborhood groups that want to advocate for green infrastructure in their neighborhood

Louisiana Stormwater Coalition Professional Training >> for landscape architects, planners, developers, contracters and policy makers who are working with green infrastructure

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Lee Stafford

    Hello Water wise, I am with the Eat Local Challenge and are organizing our 30 day local foods advocacy event in June. If you are having any workshops or demos, let us know and we can put them on our calendar as part of our awareness campaign to make New ORleans a greener city.

    Feel free to reach out to me for more information,

    Lee Stafford



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